Time, Music and Space (or How To Audition a Drummer) – Part 1

There are great places in a few recordings where the sound and pulse come to an end. Usually this is only for a second or a few seconds but the lack of drums / lack of drummer / lack of percussion can be suspenseful – why is there this unusual space in this musical context? In most popular music, this space – this quiet, empty space – is infrequent and often undesirable to many. I find it the opposite. I also find it a brilliant means to determine if a drummer (as well ash other musicians) can reenter at the same speed.

Twitter In The Classes I Am Creating

I am creating a master list of Twitter accounts to follow for students in the classes I am creating. These Twitter accounts are from the eleven (11) categories of Twitter users I follow and from one, two or three of the following fields: Music/Entertainment, Technology, and Intellectual Property. To my way of thinking, selecting and categorizing, MusEnt subsumes “art” & “arts,” Tech subsumes “business” & “communication” and IP subsumes intellectual property & law that interests me. I am trying to keep this master Twitter list at or near one hundred (100) members.

Why 10 Ft Ganja Plant, Gibson Brothers, Booth Brothers & James Ingram Should Sue Rick Ross For Copyright Infringement

Today we turn the tables and illustrate a few recordings released prior to Rick Ross’ Hustlin’ (2006) which also feature the lyric, “Everyday I”m.” Using the soft and breezy music of The Gibson Brothers, gospel music of The Booth Brothers, the cannabis reggae-tinged music of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant and the sexy love stylings of James Ingram we will turn the tables on Rick Ross and illustrate why Rick Ross can be sued for copyright infringement.

Will Rick Ross Sue Other Artists For Copyright Infringement?

Using a minuscule degree of evidence and logic similar to that used to sue LMFAO, it would follow that Rick Ross could initiate three (3) more copyright infringement lawsuits – against Maysa, Jeremy Fisher and Little Big. This post examines these absurd possibilities.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Mahavishnu Orchestra, John Lennon, The Band, The Rolling Stones, Chieftains, Van Morrison, Govinda & Mary & Mars

For St. Patrick’s Day 2014, I have compiled six (6) musical works I own that are in a direct or indirect way pertinent to Ireland, Irish music or St. Patrick’s Day. The music is from The Band, The Chieftains, Govinda, Mary & Mars, John McLaughlin & The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Van Morrison and The Rolling Stones.

My Take On Pearl Jam’s Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

My take on the Pearl Jam song, “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town,” a beautiful but poignant portrait of a woman who has lived her entire life in the same small town. I chose the cover photograph of this attractive woman who would only be considered “elderly” by someone young writing a song about an elderly woman. She is elderly to a teenager.

Names Of Songs Used As Names Of Bands – Can’t Think Of A Name For Your Band, Copy One

Even though many do not believe this, and some even suffer fear and trepidation over the subject of copyright and copyright protection, it is LEGAL and COMMON to copy a name and use it as another name. In fact, copyright does NOT protect names, titles, or short phrases or expressions.

Tracing The Origins Of Blues Songs: Culture Or Copying?

Many songs’ origins can be traced to earlier sources and often specific authorship, or authorship as a mighty fortress that had to exert its mighty power, was a foreign concept. Ideas and the expressions of ideas are often regarded as benevolent entities and means by which a society builds its culture.

Dr. Dre Should Have Hired Me

The moral of the story below? Not hiring me can cost money. Dr. Dre hired a musicologist for an opinion on whether he could use a bass line from another song, one that Dr. Dre had not composed. That expert told Dr. Dre that the bass line was not original and therefore Dr. Dre was free to use it. I would have told Dr. Dre that that bass line WAS original and that Dr. Dre should NOT use it. But, Dr. Dre did not consult with me. Dr. Dre took the advice of a different expert witness and it cost him $1.5 million.

Music Discovery

I have added a new category to www.emichaelmusic.com. “Music Discovery” will feature music which I know, from a few minutes or a few decades ago, that I find intriguing, inspiring, innovative, beautiful, novel or just cool, and for which I want to advocate.