My Take on The 2014 Grammys Show


Last night – Sunday, January 26, 2014 – I watched the 2014 Grammys show.  I rarely watch the Grammys or any awards shows – Emmys, Academy Awards, Peoples’ Choice, the Oscars, the Madisons, the Ungers, etc.  I thought I’d post/drink a 140, an FB and then sign off and watch Dexter Season 4.  For some reason, I kept watching & commenting on the Grammys.  (But I managed to watch Dexter later.)

(Isn’t my “G7” cube cover photograph nice and nicely apropos?  The “G” stands for Grammy and the “7” is associated with the “G.”  Together this chocolate and peanut butter concatenation means, “G7,” aka “G Dominant 7th chord,” a favorite and old hit among us guitarists.)


My first post was to Facebook:

1(a).  I’m a Grammys member & am supposed to be thrilled & engaged. The opening is perfectly predictable like every Grammy show. But for once I don’t think we’ll get an EDUCATIONAL lecture about the evils of downloading & that downloaders, Pandora and the ANTICHRIST herself aka GOOGLE who have stopped the performance & creation of music. I wish the teleprompter readers the very best of luck tonight. And I am pro-my clients, friends and the old people (Beatles rhythm section guys and any other 60+ ancient folk).  Time for Twitter where there is peace. 

I was about to leave when suddenly I didn’t. I was at my iMac and just kept writing in response to what I was seeing and hearing at the Grammys.

Warning – silliness, sarcasm, exaggeration, commentary, kindness and fodder for lawyers

who will someday interrogate me lie ahead!


Here are those less-140-character statements:

1.  I’m a Grammys member & am supposed to be thrilled & engaged with this B. A. show. The opening is perfectly predictable like the rest.

2.  “We made this record without a record label.” And then in comes the music. STOP THAT ANTI-RECORD LABEL rant! Right now! #Grammys

3.  I’m so puzzled. Lord or Lorde with that extra “E” is a damn big deal. Her Royal is heart felt & I damn well don’t get it. #Grammys

4.  And let’s remember, “Sponsored by CBS.” Even the commercials show pretty women who have been deprived of body fat. #Grammys

5.  CBS Radio salutes the artists who create the music. And now Hunter Hayes. The Unarrested Justin Bieber. #Grammys

6.  Hunter Hayes can play piano with his right hand & emote FEELINGS with his left hand as he gets soulful. Wow, only in LA! #Grammys

7.  I’m wrong – Hunter Hayes is doing Miley Ray Cyrus. I can’t get this modern stuff straight! #Grammys

8.  Wow! A man & a woman are approaching the center of the stage to read the nominations. This is why I watch! #Grammys

9.  Robin Thicke’s Marvin Gaye cover did not win! But they teased us by having them in the selection pool. #Grammys

Spinal Tap – Tap Into America

10.  Dude – your bicycle helmets are getting me thinking UP and FIRM! And thank you to the Academy. #Grammys

11.  “Dude, I am very funny in England. Remember I’m from England like Ringo and left-handed Paul.” “Miss Katy Perry.” #Grammys

12.  Now we get Spinal Tap’s Druids and Stonehenge done RIGHT! The horns & repeated lyric phrases work “& look at my crotch.” #Grammys

13.  Even the horses are looking up at the sky, even if the horses are dark blue. And a rap is being delivered in a serious way. #Grammys

14.  Up next – “An intimate performance by Taylor Swift…” Dear God, may it be not TOO intimate. I like moderation (& no blue horses) #Grammys

15.  Robin Thicke & his grandparents & some of their assisted living friends, a band from Illinois called “Chicago,” are next! #Grammys

16.  “Reunited a classic group” with “someone who exploded this year…We’re gonna blur the lines a little bit…” Write your own joke #Grammys

17.  The Great Thicke Grandson knows so many of the Elders’ songs! And a rapper does too! #Grammys

18.  I’ve never been to Branson (no nearby interstates) but tonight I’m blessed to be getting Branson’s finest (& with rap guy!)! #Grammys

19.  Get the Elders off the stage as now Grandson wants to tell her that he “knows she wants it.” Awful sex stuff! #Grammys


20.  I see Australian guy on short leash. He sings “You’re so innocent.” Next a guy is restrained & imitates a white singer. #Grammys

21.  I love this instrumental solo/rendition of Prince’s “When the doves cry.” Just the good notes up high on that ax! #Grammys

22.  YEA! Commercials are great too! Austin Mahone is back! I’m so glad he broke off from the rest of his domineering family. #Grammys

23.  “Your love keeps lifting me higher & higher.” As guy sniffs sheets happily, up comes warning about sniffing sheets. Huh? #GrammysCommerical

24.  9-Time Grammy Winner John Legend sings from his heart & about the value of his legal name change. Not “Novella” but “Legend.” #Grammys

25.  That closing LEGEND piano chord was to say “I’m deep.” And “this was deep.” #Grammys

26.  My wild guess!!! A song called “God Was Dead” won’t win an award! #Grammys

27.  Nirvana drummer & Beatles bass player wins something. Go Vegan! They “knocked it out in a couple of hours” NO age jokes. #Grammys

28.  “My good friend Taylor Swift.” WARNING – Perfect intonation ahead. WARNING – intonation perfect or not does not matter. 🙂 #Grammys

29.  If she doesn’t bob her head up and down fiercely the loudness level won’t rise – it will stay a sensitive ballad. WINNING bob! #Grammys

30.  For those of us who love music theory, we can notice tonight that if you’re deep, you don’t end on the One Chord. #Grammys

31.  Absolutely bizarre COINCIDENCE! John “Please Consider Me A” Legend sang at the Grammys & is singing for a car commercial #Grammys


I quickly looked away to the Twitterverse & laughed at this tweet connecting a particular Grammy performer with Mick Huckabee’s “women” statement.  (Why do some white male “Get Off My Lawn” politicians so often describe/prescribe for women?)


Mike Huckabee wants you to know he thinks Taylor Swift can control her libido and it’s totally not weird that he’s thinking about that.

32.  He sings at the Superbowl but immorally says, “Strap yourselves in…” This is not family time TV. And now Color Pink sings #Grammys

33.  I don’t follow these shows closely but I think the stripping thing is having an impact. Pink swings. Where’s her pole? #Grammys


diminutive mustache guy’s attempt to sing #Grammys

35.  I think she & mustache are singing at each other trying to one up the other. She’ll win. #Grammys

36.  Lord + e wins! “This is the one thing that I did not expect the most about tonight…” giggle #Grammys #Grammar

37.  “Unleash your love for music…” More of this double entendre language by my Grammy people. What’s with this enticing talk? #Grammys

38.  Next time I sing in public, i’ll make sure my red lipstick & my red mic match! Love these commercials! #BandPerry #Grammys

In the words of Ozzy

39.  Ozzy says, ” FTVGYJK iojhu …%^TY&ing ^TY&U*fab f^&*(ck…. Ringo Starr!” #Grammys

40.  Yea! White hair at the Grammys! Even the trumpet player is singing (fortunately without a mic). Go Ringo! #Grammys

41.  I just heard from her parents. In print her parents prefer, “Lord Plus E.” Apologies. I stand corrected. #Grammys

42.  He must be important. He’s reading from a teleprompter without a female counterpart. “The nominees are…” #Grammys

43.  Love the “all the pregnant women are like what do I got to…” And pregnant woman’s man WINS! #Grammys

44.  “I want to thank God a little bit…” A LITTLE BIT? Wow – there should be hell and damnation coming down on him soon! #Grammys

45.  Yea to Def Jam! This is the educational moment instead of DON’T DONWLOAD YOU BAD & evil stealin’ YOUNG ‘UNS. #Grammys

46.  He sings about “prison binds” & is dressed in a tight white top. Now there are more dressed in those tight whites. #Prisonmongers #Grammys

47.  This will be another one of those great nursing home anthems in 2050. The residents will all dress in white & wave their arms.

48.  An exciting new voice in country music & in case you don’t believe it, we’ve provided neon cactus as background. #Grammys

49.  That pink neon female cactus with the protruding middle finger/TALL part is about grrrrllll cccactusssss empowerment. #Grammys

50.  The most creative people are in advertising and I’m thrilled that I get to work with a lot of them! Stone time. #Grammys

51.  Julia Roberts is here as a reminder that her film needs more ticket buyers. “I’m still hot & my film is in theaters.” #Grammys

New Beatles/Paul McCartney Song

52.  Paul & Ringo will play a new song. The audience will demand it be short or sound like a Beatles song they know. #Grammys

53.  It’s what you’d expect from Paul – melodic, instantly identifiable & in a few sections a la Uncle Albert. #Grammys

54.  Legally, Yoko would not have been allowed to dance to Paul’s singing back when they were suing each other for decades. #Grammys

55.  I LOVE SEEING TWO BEATLES TOGETHER on stage or anywhere! Wonderful! #Grammys

56.  Pharrell with lots of r’s and l’s … Isn’t he one of the guys who stole Marvin Gaye’s sex song? #GRAMMYs

57.  Thanking your Mom is the best thing you can do. Very good to hear! (even if after thanking his manager.) #Grammys

58.  This can’t be! Paul just sang this song for the 1st time & Surface stole it & put it in their commercial! No way! #Grammys

59.  Finally, someone champions the color grey! #Grammys But importantly these are great musicians/artists!

60.  Awesome music history then & now here on stage. Willie & Kris & Merle! #Grammys Jokingly in 2014, Don’t do pot!|

61.  Irony and William Shattner-ism galore on stage! Just say NO to pot, shaggy hair & cowboy-as-a-career path! #Grammys

62.  More country musicians on stage (she & he as should be), this time without signifying neon cactus/cact-eye! #Grammys

63.  I didn’t see Faith Hill offstage mouthing, “WHAT?!?!?!” Was Faith there? Yes, thank Nashville & Mercury Records. #Grammys

64.  Every player on that stage should be introduced on this Daft Punk Stevie Wonder song. Punk Punk Stevie. #Grammys

65.  Sure, sing “Freak out, freak out!” but someone BADLY needs an introduction! Music history moment again! #Grammys

66.  Excellent transition to “Another Star” by Stevie Wonder! Oh yeah. The best of 1976 fits here! Great performance! #Grammys


67.  Loving many of these commercials – Google & Zorba The Greek mashup. #Grammys

68.  Cyndi Lauper is always original, self-deprecating, funny and timeless. Cool to intro Carole King from Brooklyn! #Grammys

69.  Carole & Sara work great together. Proof that age/gender/color/religion etc are to be ignored. #Grammys

70.  Oh. They gave this song away & it resulted in just a bit of success? Really? Free can lead to success? A business model! #Grammys

71.  I’m still waiting for the introduction of that musician – 3 syllables – who performed earlier with Punk Punk Stevie. #Grammys

72.  Lou Reed well-deserved accolades. Music history time again. #Grammys

73.  Jaymz Lennfield – The great & supportive Metallica! Unlike Sony, these guys are in Beatallica’s (our) corner! #Grammys

74.  Day-uhm! Metallica are more than just holding up! Nice! No rust, no decay! #Grammys

75.  Beethoven’s 9th, Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Lord + E’s Royal. I’m starting to understand how popularity works. #Grammys

76.  Well, they’ve introduced the ROBOTS but no… wait, they did! Nile Rodgers has been mentioned verbally & on stage! #Grammys



77.  Oh cool! The commitment to love can only mean one thing – the freedom to date & marry! Human rights, dignity & music can work! #Grammys

78.  I was turned on to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in 2012 by Harvard Law students. I’m very appreciative to have learned about them. #Grammys

79.  Yea! The freedom to choose friends, start to date and maybe get married. Why oppose this? Good move #Grammys

80.  Portnow usually is the worst part of the Grammys show. But this time, I predict no rant against technology. #Grammys

81.  Passing of Van Cliburn, George Jones, Ray Manzarek, McPartland, George Duke, Ramone, Winters, Cowboy Jack, Starker… #Grammys

82.  Very good Armstrong/Lambert rendition of Everly Brothers. Everlys will last. #Grammys

83.  Glad to see my friend Milt Olin mentioned as a great who recently died. I didn’t see Mulgrew Miler’s name. Was he mentioned? #Grammys

84.  Tragic that the name John Legend can sound when John LENNON is intended. My teaching moment – John Lennon was better. #Grammys

85.  Paul Williams & Nile Rodgers! Williams – 2 robots called Williams after he was sober & asked him to write music. Funny! #Grammys

86.  @john_kubicsko That’s a real shame & bad oversight. Mulgrew Miller’s passing was really significant. Thanks for letting me know, John!

87.  Pretty good Grammys show – no STOP DOWNLOADING silliness. I’m glad I watched – I rarely do. Now, back to Netflix. Dexter again? #Grammys

Dexter Not Only Murders, He Steals Film Titles


Giving Zealous Publishers Ample Reason To Live:  I Sue Therefore I Am

Referencing FILM Titles in Dexter

Dexter Not Only Murders, He Steals Intellectual Property – Part 2

Dexter – Murderer & Larcenist Of Film Titles

Dexter, Piracy & Film (Titles)

Dexter, Piracy & Film – Publisher Perils

Dexter, Piracy & Film (Titles):  I Sue Therefore I Am


This is my second blog post about DEXTER.  In the first I explored how many episodes of DEXTER were named after song lyrics and/or song titles.  In this post, I will identify episodes named after films.

The Showtime original series, DEXTER, lasted for eight (8) seasons – each season featured twelve (12) episodes.

Throughout DEXTER, I was surprised that so many titles of episodes were references to songs, lyrics or movies.  I feel strongly that creators in contemporary cultures should feel free to acknowledge, borrow, reference, copy and transform preexisting material – in these examples, words that constitute titles.  In my opinion, the titles of episodes in DEXTER that have been referenced should NOT lead to any type of legal problem or copyright infringement (although I have been a part of copyright infringement actions brought over as trivial and ridiculous similarities as these potential issues below from DEXTER).


F I L M S   (and  Dexter)

Many episodes of DEXTER are titled after titles of films.  I’ll repeat the accusatory verbs that could be hurled at the copyright owners of DEXTER by each of the potential plaintiffs below.  While to some, referencing a movie title is not a reference/cultural reference/cultural signifier as much as it is an outrageous theft of their intellectual property.  There are many who have sued over four (4), three (3) or even two (2) words that have been copied/stolen/referenced/plundered from another source by cutthroat pirates.

To repeat the accusations from a previous post, only this time with respect to movie titles:

DEXTER references film titles

DEXTER copies film titles

DEXTER steals film titles

DEXTER misappropriates film titles

DEXTER appropriates film titles

DEXTER plunders film titles

DEXTER rips off  film titles

DEXTER thieves film titles

(I use the word, “thieves,” as a verb above, humorously, as I know “thieves” is NOT a verb.)

“Referencing” film titles is the most appropriate verb above.

What follows is my take on eleven (11) DEXTER episodes that reference movie titles.


DEXTER – Season 1 Episode 12 –  Born Free.   “Born Free” was a successful 1966 British movie filmed in Kenya.  Its eponymous theme song was also famous and can be heard below.

Born Free  (IMDB)  (1966)

Born Free  (Wikipedia)

Born Free (Trailer)

Born Free  (Theme song sung by Andy Williams, with a frozen, awkwardly and uncomfortably smiling picture of Michael C. Hall (“Dexter Morgan” from DEXTER)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because two (2) words are the same, and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 2 Episode 2 –  Waiting To Exhale.  

Waiting To Exhale  (IMDB)  (1995)

Waiting To Exhale  (Wikipedia)

Waiting To Exhale  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because all three (3) words are the same, and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 2 Episode 3 – An Inconvenient Lie. 

The film, An Inconvenient Truth (2006), becomes the Dexter episode, An Inconvenient Lie.

An Inconvenient Truth  (IMDB)  (2006)

An Inconvenient Truth  (Wikipedia)

An Inconvenient Truth  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because two (2) of the three (3) words are the same, and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 2 Episode 6 –  Dex, Lies & Videotape.  

The film, Sex, Lies & Videotape (1989), becomes the Dexter episode, Dex, Lies & Videotape.

Sex, Lies & Videotape  (IMDB)  (1989)

Sex, Lies & Videotape  (Wikipedia)

Sex, Lies & Videotape (trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because two (2) words are the same (and the 3rd word is only letter different), and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 2 Episode 10  –  There’s Something About Harry

The film, There’s Something About Mary  (1998), becomes the Dexter episode, There’s Something About Harry.

There’s Something About Mary  (IMDB)  (1998)

There’s Something About Mary  (Wikipedia)

There’s Something About Mary  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because three (3) words are the same (and the 4th word is only one letter different), and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 3 Episode 9  –  About Last Night. 

About Last Night  (IMDB)  (1986)

About Last Night  (Wikipedia)

About Last Night  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because the three (3) words are the same, and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 4 Episode 5 – Dirty Harry. 

Dirty Harry is the first a series of five (5) films based on San Francisco Police Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan, played by Clint Eastwood.  The first of these films, Dirty Harry, dates from 1971 – the fifth, The Dead Pool, from 1988.

From the 1971 trailer: 

“This is about a movie about a couple of killers.  Harry Callahan and a homicidal maniac.  The one with a badge is Harry.”

Dirty Harry  (IMDB)  (1971)

Dirty Harry  (Wikipedia)

Dirty Harry  (trailer)

When it comes to DEXTER, a hammer can be an effective killing weapon, not just a metaphorical hammer that bludgeons one’s competitors (think AppleSamsung and other litigating bodies) but the REAL thing  –  the means by which one human murders another human.

Many would sue for copyright infringement because two (2) words are the same, and the title of this film.  The potential plaintiff could even more enthusiastically claim that “all two (2) words are the same.”


DEXTER – Season 5 Episode 4 – Beauty & The Beast.

There have been at least seven (7) Beauty & The Beast films from 1946-2003.  The most successful was the 1991 animated Walt Disney version.

Beauty & The Beast  (IMDB)  (1991)

Beauty & The Beast  (Wikipedia)

Beauty & The Beast  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because all four (4) words are the same, and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 6 Episode 3 – Smokey & The Bandit.

Smokey & The Bandit  (IMDB)  (1977)

Smokey & The Bandit  (Wikipedia) 

Smokey & The Bandit  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because all four (4) words are the same, and the title of this film.


DEXTER – Season 7 Episode 6 – Do The Wrong Thing.

The film, Do The Right Thing (1989), becomes the Dexter episode, Do The Wrong Thing.

Do The Right Thing  (IMDB)  (1989)

Do The Right Thing  (Wikipedia)

Do The Right Thing  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because three (3) of the four (4) words are the same, and the title of this film.  Furthermore, “The Wrong Thing” could be a parody of “The Right Thing,” and many potential plaintiffs do not like being subjected to parody and ridicule.


DEXTER – Season 8 Episode 3 – What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

The film, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape  (1993), becomes the Dexter episode, What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?  (IMDB)  (1993)

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?  (Wikipedia)

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?  (Trailer)

Many would sue for copyright infringement because two (2) of the four (4) words are the same, and the title of this film.


If this post seemed as if I have experience in this area, a penchant and a strong point of view, it is because I HAVE experience in this area with foolish lawsuits over trivial unprotect-ible (able) material – as few as two (2) or three (3) words in common between works of authorship – as well as a penchant and a strong point of view.

I will continue to explore how our society views referenced material from works of authorship, as well as how music and the arts intersect with law, business, technology and communication.  As always I welcome your input.


Making Lyrics From Other Lyrics – Fair Use & Reference – Part 1


Song Lyrics That Reference Other Song Lyrics – Part 1

Making Lyrics From Other Lyrics – Fair Use & Reference (1)

Mystikal, George Harrison & Steve Miller Stealing Lyrics?

Reference/Copy/Steal Lyrics

In many Western popular music styles and Western popular culture in general, it is not uncommon for lyrics to be referenced.  Often, lyrics, text and/or names that might not have been very important in one context receive transformative value via this re-contextualiziation.

I often explore this type of creativity and have begun to compile and categorize examples of works of authorship involving lyrics/text (and not music) that reference other works of authorship.  As of this morning, I have twelve (12) categories.  Here are the first five (5) categories:

A)  Lyrics referenced as lyrics

B)  Lyrics referenced as names of bands/artists

C)  Lyrics referenced as magazine name

D)  Lyrics referenced as names of organizations

E)  Lyrics referenced as names of companies

With respect to the first category –

“Lyrics referenced as lyrics” means that lyrics found in one particular song have been repurposed and placed into another song.  This referencing/repurposing was intentional, not subconscious.

Sometimes when lyrics are referenced they can be problematic from a copyright/legal point of view.  Referencing lyrics too closely or too substantively can potentially lead to copyright infringement.

Referencing of lyrics/text and/or music has been a respected practice in many cultures and traditions.   I have written this and will write future posts to show that in our society – Western, North American, South American, U. S. (and elsewhere) –  we commonly reference.  Culture is built by expression which is manifested by origination, accretion, reference, imitation, reproduction and other means.  (There will be a time for more nouns and verbs related to the process of creating works of authorship but that will come in future posts.)

In my opinion, in the examples below, copyright has NOT been infringed.  These are examples of fair use.

The music below is drawn from:

James Brown

The Clovers

Bob Dylan

The Four Tops

George Harrison

Steve Miller



These particular lyrics/text references likely occurred for one or more of the following reasons:

The new author liked the meaning of the lyrics.

The new author liked the sound of the lyrics.

The new author liked some or all of the lyrics’ surrounding melody, harmony, rhythms, instrumentation, loudness levels, sounds, etc. isolated or in combination and believed that the referenced lyrics could connote the same or similar meanings or feelings as the original.

The new author believed the referenced lyric would sound good/function well in the new work of authorship.

The new author wanted to pay tribute to or honor a lyricist/author and/or a lyricist/author’s specific expression.

The new author wanted to make a lyric/cultural reference – to “signify.”

The new author wanted to give the referenced lyrics new meaning by placing them in a new context.

The new author was capable of original expression but felt that referencing from the earlier source would result in original expression, i.e., the new author aimed to make original expression out of earlier expression.



James Brown’s Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag  (1965) is referenced in Mystikal’s Never Gonna Bounce  (1996).

James Brown’s Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag  (1965) – “Papa’s got a brand new bag” is first heard at 0.20.

Mystikal’s Never Gonna Bounce  (1996) – “Papa’s got a brand new bag” is first heard at 0.27-0.29.

“Papa’s got a brand new bag” is a two-second phrase that only occurs twice in James Brown’s “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” and once in Mystikal’s “Never Gonna Bounce.”



The Clovers’ Lovey Dovey  (1954)  is referenced in Steve Miller’s The Joker  (1973).  This is a longer and more substantive quote than others in this blog post and perhaps to some this would NOT constitute fair use.  I welcome others’ opinions.

The Clovers’ Lovey Dovey  (1954) – “you the cutest thing that I did ever see, I really love your peaches want to shake your tree, lovey dovey, lovey dovey, all the time…” is heard from 0.10-0.32.

Steve Miller The Joker  (1973) – “you’re the cutest thing that I ever did see, I really love your peaches want to shake your tree, lovey dovey, lovey dovey, lovey dovey all the time…” is heard from 2.02-2.19 of this Steve Miller single, but from 1.37-1.54 of this YouTube clip.



Bob Dylan’s It’s All Over Now Baby Blue  (1965) is referenced in George Harrison’s When We Was Fab  (1988).

Bob Dylan’s It’s All Over Now Baby Blue  (1965)  – “it’s all over now, Baby Blue” is heard at





of the original studio recording of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” from Dylan’s 1965 album, Bringing It All Back Home.

With respect to the YouTube link to the live performance provided above, “it’s all over now, Baby Blue” is heard at





George Harrison’s When We Was Fab  (1988) – “but it’s all over now, Baby Blue” is heard at 2.28-2.32.



The Four Tops’ I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)  (1965) is referenced in George Harrison’s This Song  (1976).

The Four Tops’ I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)  (1965)  – “sugar pie, honey bunch” – is first heard at 0.11-0.13.

George Harrison’s This Song  (1976) – “sugar pie, honey bunch” – is heard at 1.32-1.34.  (George Harrison’s “This Song” features several other references of text, as well as references done in humorous and sometimes veiled means.)

More posts on referencing lyrics will follow.