Adding Resources to – My Digital Hoarding On Display

I have created the first version of a bibliography/collection of my favorite and/or essential resources entitled, “Music, Entertainment, Technology & Legal Resources.” My definitions/stretches of meanings and category-creating allow me to squeeze “Business” and “Communication,” significant and stand-alone-worthy fields, into “Technology.” I hope that this listing of thousands of resources will be helpful to others as well.

Twitter In The Classes I Am Creating

I am creating a master list of Twitter accounts to follow for students in the classes I am creating. These Twitter accounts are from the eleven (11) categories of Twitter users I follow and from one, two or three of the following fields: Music/Entertainment, Technology, and Intellectual Property. To my way of thinking, selecting and categorizing, MusEnt subsumes “art” & “arts,” Tech subsumes “business” & “communication” and IP subsumes intellectual property & law that interests me. I am trying to keep this master Twitter list at or near one hundred (100) members.

Dexter Not Only Murders, He Steals Intellectual Property – Part 1

I am very new to the great Showtime original series, DEXTER. I “cut the cord,” got Netflix and am now a proud Netflix sheep/minion who watches television based to a large degree on what’s available on Netflix.

I was attracted to Netflix because I loved the nature of the Netflix beast – for a reasonable monthly fee, we could watch/ingest anything and everything we wanted, when, where and how we wanted – via 55 inch television, 27 inch iMac, iPad with or without retina display, iPhone, Google Glass or wrist watch, although those latter two are not widely available on Earth as of late December 2013. But Netflix is part of what’s right about my intellectual property (IP) demands for life in the 21st century.

2013 Future of Music Coalition – Viola Jokes & My Tweets, Rants & Reactions (Part 2 of 2)

This is Part 2 of 2 posts about the Future of Music Coalition’s Annual Policy Summit held October 28-29, 2013. If you’ve not read enough acronyms today, this will be your place for fulfillment as you’ll read FMC, ISRC, ISWC, ISNI and GUID. I also found it worthwhile to link to two of my Pinterest pins from my New York City & The Arts Pinterest board, as well as a beautiful viola concerto written by Hector Berlioz, but only after seeking absolution from violists for having linked to pages of viola jokes.

My Rotary Talk & The Confluence of Music, Technology, Business and Law

Because I was asked to speak at the ROTARY, I assumed the topic of business would be pertinent. And because I am a musician, I am well aware of how important business is. And because I am a musician, I know that technology is present in every second of expression, and musical expression. And because my life has taken me into copyright law, I’ve learned that copyright law is also present at every moment of expression – public expression.

Loathing, Litigating & Legislating; Adventures in Piracy & Final Thoughts about 2013 New Music Seminar

Trends in digital music were examined from these three (3) perspectives: Social networks, BitTorrent trends and What Drives Sales. Fortunately at this event in New York City, accounts of BitTorrent usage were dispassionate and objective unlike in the past, in cities that were not named, “New York,” when speaker after speaker merely railed about the evils of the Internet, technology and BitTorrents. Surprisingly, railing against the Internet, technology and BitTorrents is still expected and favored in some circles.

Humans Acting Out In Business, My Favorite Twitter Accounts – the letter “A”

Those Resources are a list of websites that relate in some way to the music and entertainment industry – they are connected to the music and entertainment industry in my mind. It is my belief that every musician and person in the world of music and entertainment must know more than music. Law, technology, business, film, video, television, advertising and communication, especially 21st century style communication by means of social media, are some of what should go into/be shot into/forced down the throat of/taught to a musician or person living in these post-Mayan times. We need to confront and try to master what is represented by those social media proper nouns – those companies and services – and verbs formed by speaking nouns as if they were verbs.

As Apple Annoys Again

Apple is a great company for brilliant U.I. and ease and fun of use of their shiny silver toys. This feature and its obscure location, however, makes one realize that Apple plays by rules that aren’t benevolent or consumer-friendly (Apple loves us, don’t they?). Apple has sold us another expensive toy, so that we can buy into an expensive monthly marriage with a telecom and then sell us to as many advertisers as possible. And in addition, millions of us are now choosing to rent the music and books we have already purchased.