Haiku 101, Intellectual Property Haiku (IP Haiku)

My haiku obsession – haiku career – began that way. I’ve gone through periods of writing hundreds in a few hours. Sometimes my haiku tell a story. Other times they are related to a theme, and still other times they are disconnected and without any purpose, like my life. (I do not have a purposeful life – I have a purpose-less life. An ambient free-form, drifting life. Enough of this theme.)

I used to get reprimanded by poets and scholars who knew better than I (knew better than I about everything – just ask them). Even my Japanese girlfriend told me that haiku were supposed to be about nature, not vehicles for telling deranged and absurd stories that would be parodic and unauthorized episodes of – – – –

The Dating Game

Leave It To Beaver

The Brady Bunch or

Love Boat