Which words work with which music? W. W. W. W. W. M. ?

How do we react to music based on the WORDS used to describe the style, genre, time period, composer, songwriter, musician, improviser, pianist, keyboardist, singer, soprano, mezzo-soprano, diva, chick singer, etc.

How do we react when we are told little? Very little? Nothing? When we see a video BEFORE we hear the music? AT THE SAME TIME as we hear the music? AFTER we hear the music?

How do we react when we are told what to expect from the music? From the musical performance? About the music? About how the music was composed? Whether the music was composed or improvised? Whether the composer is young, middle aged or old? “Trained” or “untrained?” From the European Union? United States? Latin America? (Latin America is Flavor Of The Month in classical/art music in the past few years.) Asia? The Subcontinent?