Mrs. General David Petraeus, Your Husband Is Cheatin’ On Us; The World Wide (spider) Web


What have I heard about the blues?  Things like this:

Blues is real

Blues is life

Blues is real life

Blues is the story of life

Blues tells the story of our lives

Blues reflects our times

Blues tells the truth

The blues chases away the blues

The blues is a woman

And when it comes to lovin’, cheatin’, hurtin’ and schemin’, the blues has that covered too.

In the past few days I’ve come to realize that blues is intrinsic to, and helps tell the story of, THE BIG DEAL at the Central Intelligence Agency.  The CIA is in the center of all news right now (Monday, November 12, 2012).  General David Petraeus, the Director of the CIA, resigned last week because of an affair.  We are now finding out more.

Petraeus has been married to Wife (Woman A) for 37 years.  Petraeus had an affair with Woman B.  Woman B then finds out that Woman C might be interested in Petraeus.  If Woman B is comfortable with her role as Sometimes-He’s-Mine, than Woman B does not want Woman C in the picture.  What can happen next?  Woman B tells Woman A that there is a Woman C.  (The songs and lyrics will be spelled out below).  Woman B can go to Woman A and tell her that Your Husband Is Cheating On Us.  (Denise LaSalle already has expressed this so well and will be repeated below).

Now, all of General Petraeus’ shenanigans struck me immediately as a few good ol’ blues songs, and I thought I would summarize the story here by means of the blues.  The more I think about this, the more songs I could throw into the carnal mix but I’ll stop with my first six (with links to five).

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

I summarize the David Petraeus Blues this way –

I see four (4) characters and five (5) songs that describe the situation.  (I added a sixth song below as well.)

PETRAEUS  –  (“Back Door Man”)  (The Back Door Man will also sing “Mean Red Spider”)

WOMAN A  –  Petraeus’ wife  (“Insane Asylum”)

WOMAN B  –  The Mean Red Spider  (“Your Husband Is Cheatin’ On Us”)

WOMAN C  –  (“Don’t Start Me To Talkin'”)

PETRAEUS  bragging as a surreptitious dog:

Howlin’ Wolf   Back Door Man   “When everybody’s trying to sleep, I’m somewhere making my midnight creep, yes in the morning, when the rooster crow, something tell me I got to go”

WOMAN A to Petraeus:

Willie Dixon & Koko Taylor   Insane Asylum   “When your love has ceased to be, there’s no other place for me, if you don’t hold me in your arms, I’d rather be here from now on”

Woman B, about Woman C, to Woman A:

Denise LaSalle   Your Husband Is Cheatin’ on Us    “Honey your husband is cheating on us, I  know you thought you had a good man, thought you had a man that you could trust.”  “The lies he used to tell you I know them all too well, but now he’s lying to me girl, and that’s why I’m going to tell, hey lady, honey your husband is cheating on us, I know you thought you had a good man, thought you had a man that you could trust”  “Here’s another thing, he’s got too many women, now somebody’s got to go but before I bow out gracefully I’ll tell everything I know!…”

Petraeus on Woman B:

Muddy Waters   Mean Red Spider   “I got a mean red spider and she been webbin’ all over town”  (Amazing how Muddy Waters predicted the World Wide Spider Web back in the late 1940’s!)

Woman C to Petraeus:

Sonny Boy Williamson   Don’t Start Me To Talkin’   “Don’t start me to talkin’, I’ll tell everything I know, I’m gonna break up this signifying cause somebody’s got to go!”

Cash McCall’s  Something Funny Is Going On   would also be a song Woman C could sing to Petraeus (I didn’t include it because I could not find the song on YouTube):   “I smell a rat, babe.  There’s something funny going on, Oh I smell a rat baby, there’s something funny going on, the last time you acted like this I looked around and you were gone, You’re hiding something from me baby, I can tell by the way you act, you’re hiding something from me baby, I can tell by the way you act, now I’m not blind so come on let’s deal with the facts.”

A N D    S O    B E    T H E    B L U E S !